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Robert Shaw!

I neither planned it nor realized it at first, but what we’ve got here is a two-film Robert Shaw film festival with Jaws and The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three.  Hot diggety!  He’s not actually in our Pelham clip, but he’s the villain of the piece and he’s a gigantic presence, as usual.

Now, if I only had a copy of The Sting lying around, I could make it a trifecta.


The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three

Lieutenant Garber shares his first impression of the hijacker.

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The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three is genius-level stuff writ small.  It’s a tight little film about camaraderie, teamwork, and how to steal a NYC subway train.  I give it four transit cops out of five.


Chief Brody has an “aha!” moment.

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Jaws is essentially perfect and holds up incredibly well after all these years.  I give it five lonely, clanging buoys out of five.

It’s Like Fandango

Someone mentioned to me that my gifs were too big and I had to agree.  They were immense.  It’s Movie Douche, not the National Archives!  I’ve reduced the sizes of the images and replaced them all, making your load times smoother and quicker.  It’s like buying your tickets before you get to the theatre!  Speed right through to the snack counter…


Young Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein critiques the work of his most infamous ancestor.

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Young Frankenstein easily scores five Abby Normal brains out of five.

The Big Lebowski

Sometimes the simplest questions are the toughest to answer.

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The Big Lebowski should be mandatory viewing in every film program from coast to coast.  I rate it five Caucasians out of five.

First Week Of Broadcasting


I’m excited that our first week of programming was such a success.  We’re off to a great start here at Movie Douche.  We opened with some of the finest films in motion picture history (I’m confident that Black Dynamite will scale Mt. Olympus), but we’ll mix it up from time to time, throwing in some guilty pleasures, cult hits, and out-and-out stinkers.

Some of our coming attractions include Trading Places with superstar-in-the-making Eddie Murphy; Jaws, with the vastly underrated Roy Scheider, and Young Frankenstein, with an unhinged Gene Wilder.  Great times ahoy.

Stay tuned…